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Pathways To Recovery

Pathways to Recovery is an established, community based, group treatment programme designed to help people with substance misuse issues and co-occurring mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. 

The Pathways to Recovery programme includes, up to three pre-group assessment sessions and then 12 weekly 2 hour group programme sessions.  Running concurrently with the groups, clients are also offered 12 one to one individual key working sessions to help clarify the content in the group sessions and allow time to set personal goals and action plans.

The programme uses cognitive behavioural therapy approaches and a psycho-social interventions model to help participants learn new skills and tools to resolve their difficulties and is designed specifically to address both substance use and mental health problems.

This programme is designed to enable people to identify the most significant areas affecting their drug and/or alcohol use, mental health or lifestyle difficulties.  Participants can develop a personalised approach to help them to overcome their problems and achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle that can be sustained a long time after sessions.

... I have used everything I have learned to help me not use street drugs. I am going to become a peer mentor; the programme has shown me choices and given me motivation

Service User,

Since the group he’s in a different world. He wants to be a mentor and he wants to study. He’s using a bad situation in a positive way. You know, he’s changed.

Family Member,